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Shenyang Palace Museum exhibits imperial treasures

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Shenyang Palace Museum exhibits imperial treasures Others

Glittering cultural relics, palace jade and enamel lacquer wares of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) are being showcased to the public at the Shenyang Palace Museum in northeast China's Liaoning Province.
The exhibition, which opened Wednesday and will last until March 31, 2020, has more than 100 pieces of exquisite articles on display, showing visitors the etiquette system, palace furnishings, as well as religious and dress cultures during that time.
The exhibits include an imperial eight-diagrams-shaped solid gold thurible, white jade wall-hangings and fine silk tapestries.
Li Shengneng, the curator of the museum, said the centerpiece of the exhibition is a hand-written scroll with four Chinese characters meaning ''peace and best wishes.'' The scroll was written by Emperor Yongzheng, the fifth emperor of the Qing Dynasty.
According to Li, a horizontally placed duplicate of the scroll has been placed at the museum. Visitors can touch it for good luck.

Source: CGTN News

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