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21st Shanghai International Arts Festival: A tour of cultural landmarks in Shanghai

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21st Shanghai International Arts Festival: A tour of cultural landmarks in Shanghai Others

The 21st Shanghai International Arts Festival will open on October 18  and run until November 17. Flourishing with contemporary art galleries, museums, and operas, Shanghai, as a cultural and modern hub in China, has gradually revealed its ambition to enter the international art world, and now it's well underway.  
The cultural landmarks in Shanghai give you an insight into the city's profound arts atmosphere, mixed with the best operas, musicals, and performances by artists from home and abroad. Since the festival is just around the corner, CGTN Travel will take you on a tour of the cultural landmarks in Shanghai that entertain, illuminate, and provoke people through the power of art. 
Shanghai Grand Theater 
If you don't know where to see globally famous performances, then Shanghai Grand Theater is your location. As Shanghai's state-of-the-art concert venue, this theater is probably where you will end up going to see Broadway shows, symphonies, operas, and performances by internationally renowned artists. 
This year, the famous Peking Opera ''Farewell My Concubine'' will be showcased during the arts festival. If you are an opera lover, the Shanghai Grand Theater is an ideal place to go. Take your time and enjoy the space for a couple of hours.
Transportation: Visitors can take subway line 2, get off at the People's Square Station and choose to head out from Exit 11, and then walk about five minutes to the destination.
Shanghai Culture Square 
First built in the early 20th century, the saucer-shaped architecture of the Shanghai Culture Square is not easily mistaken. The venue offers a variety of performances and musicals for visitors. Covering an area of 65,000 square meters,  over 55 percent of the complex is filled with green spaces. This building is also considered Shanghai's proudest urban planning projects in recent years.
Its impressive architecture and a variety of performances have made this building a reliable option for an early evening outing. During this year's arts festival, the popular French musical ''Le Rouge et le Noir'' will take the stage here.
Transportation: Visitors can take subway line 1, get off at the South Shaanxi Road Station, head out from Exit 4, and then walk about 10 minutes to the destination. 
Shangyin Opera House
Shangyin Opera House, also known as the ''Shanghai Conservatory of Music's opera house,'' is a new opera house, which will open to the public in downtown Xuhui District in Shanghai, when the festival opens. 
The latest soundproofing technology has been employed and the U-shape of the main theater allows audiences to get closer to the stage.  
This is the first time, the Shangyin Opera House will be used in the arts festival. Regarded as an important addition to Shanghai's classical music scene, the Shangyin Opera House is trying to bring the best watching experience to audiences worldwide.  
It's worth mentioning that some popular musicals from abroad, like the French musical ''The Magic Flute,'' will be performed here as part of the 21st Shanghai International Arts Festival.
Transportation: Visitors can take the subway line 1, get off at Changshu Road Station, and head out from Exit 2, and then walk about 10 minutes to the destination. 
Nine Trees Future Art Center
The Nine Trees Future Art Center is a new theater in the suburban area at Fengxian District in Shanghai, set to open on October 25. 
Integrating nature, art, and technology in its design, this art center has three chamber theaters, a forest theater and a waterfront stage, regarded as ''a theater in the forest.'' 
During the theater's first performing season, that will run till the end of the year, interactive concerts with cartoon characters, the dance drama ''The Eternal Wave,'' the ''Swan Lake'' and some traditional Chinese operas will be presented here.
Transportation: It's a 30 minutes' drive from the Shanghai South Railway Station. 

(source:CGTN News)

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