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China's airliners to reach 10,344 by 2038

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China's airliners to reach 10,344 by 2038 Others

The fleet of China's airliners will grow steadily over the next two decades, with passenger throughput rising at a faster pace, according to a report.
The number of airplanes is forecast to reach 10,344 by 2038, rising by 5.2 percent annually, said a report from Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC).
Throughput will grow by 6 percent during the period, compared with the world's average growth of 4.3 percent.
Due to rising demand, the proportion of China's airplanes in the world's total is expected to rise to 21 percent by 2038 from its current 16 percent.
The report also predicted that 45,459 new airliners will be delivered worldwide during the next two decades, with the value of the new planes reaching about 6.6 trillion U.S. dollars.
China's air passenger throughput jumped 10.9 percent year on year to 610 million last year.

sourceCGTN News

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