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China Cultural Center join 2019 MITM@ Mid Valley

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 China Cultural Center join 2019 MITM@ Mid Valley Others

China Cultutal Center (CCC) in Kuala Lumpur set 8 booths at Coming MITM @ Mid Valley Exhibition Center to promote Beautiful China tourism products and resources. Over 5,000 fine souvenirs and  booklets  to be distributed on the spot. China Cultural Center Contact: 03-2181 2456 .Email ccckl@chinaculture.org. 

The establishment of the China Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur is based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Malaysia and the Government of the People’s Republic of China. The CCC KL operates under the purview of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and is defined as a non-profit “official institution”. Since the 1980s, a total of 37 China Cultural Centers have been established worldwide.


The function of the CCC KL is to enhance cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation by presenting to the Malaysian people a one-stop entity by means of cultural activities, tourism promotions, teaching and training, information services and etc., which would benefit people of all races, religions, and creed of Malaysia.


The center engages in providing well organized cultural and tourism activities (exhibitions, fairs, performances, lectures, screening of audio-visual products) and high quality services by professional teams. Arts training, Chinese language learning and seminars are open up at the center. Short-term projects are also included. Libraries are set up to provide China-related information or data, to introduce Chinese culture and history as well as the status quo of modern social life in China. It is open to people from all walks of life. People of various occupations and any age are welcome to participate in our activities.


This year also marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia. Next year 2020 has been set as the year of Culture and Tourism between our two countries. Setting up of the CCC KL marks a new achievement in enhancing the friendly and robust bilateral relations and long-standing collaborations between China and Malaysia, and better facilitates the cultural and tourism cooperation, as well as people-to-people exchange between both the countries.


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