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Visa on arrival for Chinese should be implemented this year, says Malaysian envoy

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Visa on arrival for Chinese should be implemented this year, says Malaysian envoy TravelNews

Malaysia’s special envoy to China Tan Kok Wai says the visa on arrival for tourists from China should be given approval to be implemented this year to welcome more Chinese tourists to Malaysia. Thailand receives 10.5 million of Chinese tourists after implementing VOA while last year only 2.94 million of Chinese tourists visited Malaysia.

In a press conference after attending the exhibition on “ From Confucianism in the past to Confucianism now”, Tan said. Malaysia and China celebrate 45th anniversary of establishing formal ties this year. Both countries are focusing on tourism next year . He is of the view that this would be time to implement VOA. 
“Despite the number of tourists from China increase to 2.94 million last year compared to 2.28 million the previous year with an increase of 28%, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand is 10.5 million. The gap is huge,” he said. 
Tan said one of the reasons is Thailand implemented VOA. When Thailand started VOA, the number of Chinese tourists increased drastically. 
“I have asked Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on VOA and he replied getting ready soon.”
Tan said China has 1.4 billion of population and the middle income group is made up of 300 million people, still more than 265 million of the entire population of Indonesia. 
The middle income group of Chinese tourists are a category of consumers who are willing to spend. Tourism industry is an important industry for Malaysia to revive its economy, Tan said. 
“Tourism Industry can assist local tourism and related industries . It also helps to enhance bilateral ties of both countries and deepen friendship. The VOA offers many benefits, “ he said .

(Source :  Sin Chew Daily)
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