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Chorus of Life: Experiencing the biggest waterfall in China

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Chorus of Life: Experiencing the biggest waterfall in China TravelNews

The Huangguoshu Waterfall is a unique natural splendor in Anshun City of southwest China's Guizhou Province.
The waterfall spans 77.8 meters high and 101.1 meters wide. It's the biggest waterfall in China and one of the tallest in Asia.
The region is of typical karst topography, with soundly-protected natural scenery. It's also an ideal summer resort with an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

The Water Curtain Cave is a 134-meter-long naturally formed cave in the back of the waterfall. Walking inside, tourists can see, hear and touch the waterfall. It's the only waterfall that can be viewed from above, below, left, right, front and back.
The upstream Baishui River flows toward the bluff and falls into the Rhinoceros Pool at the foot. There are 18 different waterfalls scattered around the whole area, making it the world's largest waterfall cluster.

(Source : CGTN News
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