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Shaoxing Tourism KL Promotion event get extensive media coverage in Malaysia

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Shaoxing Tourism KL Promotion event get extensive media coverage in Malaysia TravelNews

On 30 Nov 2018, The Shaoxing Tourism Promotion Meeting 2018 themed  ‘Vintage Shaoxing · Charming Jiangnan’ was held in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Mr Cheah Mun Chu from Tourism Malaysia , Mr Paul Paw, the honorable president of MCTA, Dato Keith Li, the President of China enterpreneurs association in Malaysia, Mr David Wang, GM of Xinhua Net in Malaysia and Dr Ma Yan Yan, the Chief editor of Malaysia China Entrepreneur Magazine also jointly graced the event. 50 local travel agencies and more than 10 mainstream media participated in the event, and the promotion was a complete success and was widely reported by local media in Malaysia.

Local media film reported (Newspaper) :-

1 .  Oriental Daily

2 . 
Malaysia China Entrepreneurs

Back Cover

Back Inner Cover

3 . 
Nanyang Siang Pau

4 . Travel Daily

5 . 
Shaoxing Tourism Special Edition by Silkroad Media Group

6 . Nanyang Prime News

7 . Oriental Daily 
Information Advisory 

Local Online Media reported :-

1 . Xinhua Net  £®Link: 

2 . Silkroad.my £®Link: https://www.silkroad.my/index.php?ws=showproducts&products_id=2361928&cat=M-039-sia-News#openproducts£©

3. GTC Group News
£®Link: http://www.gtcgroup.my/index.php?ws=latestnews&nid=68544£©

4. PUCM Web News£®Link: http://www.pucm.my/index.php?ws=latestnews&nid=68543£©

5 . Travelnews £®Link : 

6 . www.lnd.com.cn (Link : http://news.lnd.com.cn/system/2018/12/03/030013622.shtml)

7. Asean_tourism_news (Instagram App)

8 . Jalan Vacation ( Link : http://www.jalanvacation.com/2018/12/03/%E8%80%81%E7%BB%8D%E5%85%B4-%E9%86%89%E6%B1%9F%E5%8D%97-%E8%B5%B0%E5%85%A5%E6%96%87%E5%8C%96%E5%BA%95%E8%95%B4/)

9 . GTC Group Facebook Page

(Link : https://www.facebook.com/gtcgroup1/posts/2242857129330844?__xts__[0]=68.ARB-Y6-0qCHsdFQ-zmZhPi5ANq3VdSGQD-TQ1bVDIrNO5sFGc4W8EN_5uC6B4C1qpmboQOYctB9VpwL1gKdO2Lkjr8a5FPFqiHKz1T6BflFXFTbaDQx1RrOM3DmSAAzkq110An_saK8dbcMCLQYt6s6zghMttNK0fSI9exw_zWLqdKl1D3DcjUP9Aowz6S5JyRIrs2_31LL2kdqwru8XJjIa3Eiyw3pXOc_dx5d5y-smSNWxYQVxJc36oSYNnDLWh6_1YhyBMpn7xA7J9xaEH6XrucAWbwgGDKZyJwZc5V-Kd8zF0NzQwsx4xDX6ENt8QDXvcA6aWKw1ffYk8vEqKp3ZFIvK&__tn__=-UC-R )

10 . PUCM Facebook Page

(Link : 

11 . Silkroad Online
(Link : https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/pwTofWNidtcf1zoHkEe64g)

12 . Malaysia-China Entreprenuers Instagram App

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