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China Tourists Rejected Entry due to lack of enough Cash

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China Tourists Rejected Entry due to lack of enough Cash TravelNews

(Sepang 26th Sept.) The Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia revealed   that  China Tourists who used to the cashless consumption habits are facing some problems due to not bringing enough cash and some were rejected entry into  Malaysia .


He said that there are some habits and cultural differences between Malaysian and China National. For example, Chinese people are used to using cashless consumption, while Malaysian have different practise. As a result, China Tourists   face some  problems when entering Malaysia.


 According to the policy of Malaysia Immigration  , China tourists must present cash or the equivalent up to RM2,000, while some  Chinese tourists did not have the knowledge and not bring enough cash and eventually  being rejected the entry.  


“This is a great pity . If we had paid more attention to such things, we could have handled it very well.”


When he attended the launching ceremony of  "Guidelines for Chinese Citizens entry to Malaysia" and the China Passenger Communication Coordination Office held at the Kuala Lumpur  International Airport today, he said that Chinese tourists were refused entry due to lack of cash in the past two years. Prime Minister Tun Mahathir  has paid much attention to this matter, and the Immigration has  also begun  to solve it.


 the Malaysian and Chinese governments set the 2020 year as the Malaysia-China Tourism Year. By then I believe that more than 3 million Chinese tourists will come to the country.


"But, are we ready? This question requires us to think hard and make more efforts."


He said that the Malaysian government and NGOs have done a lot of work to promote Malaysia to  Chinese tourists, and  more and more Chinese tourists are coming to rich tourism resourced Malaysia, but there is still much room for improvement.


He said that the Chinese government has always educated the people and respected the Malaysian local customs and religions upon arrival.  
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