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Big Challenge to Target 3M China Tourists in 2018

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Big Challenge to Target 3M China Tourists in 2018 TravelNews


Big Challenge to Target 3M China Tourists in 2018

In the first four months of this year, Malaysia’s China  tourists sees an increase of 37.2% over the same period of last year with total figure of 1 M. However, after the May 09 election, the China tourists  showed a slowdown. Breaking through 3 million people in 2018 will face  a  big challenge.


The number of Chinese tourists  to Malaysia last year reached 2.1 million, a 26% increase from the previous year and reached a new high record .

However, afterwards, a number of reasons prompted the China tourists  to slow down, and the  change of Malaysian government recently has a certain impact on the China market.

In addition, the Sino-US trade war, the World Cup football boom, China's economic slowdown, and the new government's visit to China did not bring good news to the tourism industry.  It appeared slow down in July and 8 this year.  Although the local tourism industry started in September, it feels that the tourists from China have improved slightly.  However, many Big incentive groups still in Wait-and-see situation.

They believe that the most important thing is that the new government's policies must clear to attract China tourists, especially the visa exemption and some other method to   i facilitate more China tourists.


Sensitive speech affects China tourists confidence to Travel.  

In an interview with the Nanyang Business Daily, the Malaysia China Entrepreneurs Association’s president, Datuk Keith  Li , said that some sensitive statements of the new government, such as buying a house in Malaysia  not allowing for residence permit etc. The China tourists feel that Malaysia does not welcome them. He said that later Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir clarified the welcome to Chinese tourists, including also welcoming the Chinese to come to buy the house and acquire residence permit through MM2H programme .

In this regard, he believes that the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture should explain a little bit more, and deliver strong and clear message to welcome china tourists.  

"The Malaysian Tourism Promotion Agency, the Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association and other tourism representatives should stand up and voice the same  to express their views. Malaysia welcomes tourists from all over the world, including China tourists."

"China is the largest source of foreign inbound tourists . It has strong consumption power. No matter the quantity and quality, it is not easy to attract such tourists like China. Plus Malaysia is a favourite tourist destination for China tourists. Therefore, Malaysia  Need to cherish the market.”


During the day  of  the "China Ambassador's Consular Reception Day" , it is estimated that the total number of China tourists coming to Malaysia this year will reach 3 million, which is expected to account for RM12 billion for Malaysia's tourism revenue.

According to statistics, from January to April this year, more than 1 million China tourists  came to visit Malaysia. According to this growth rate, there will be more than 3 million China people visiting the country by the end of the year.


Strengthening the promotion of second and third tier cities in China is a must tast for  the new Malaysian government.

Li said. He believes that traditionally people in first-tier cities in China have visited Malaysia, while second- and third-tier cities are big potential market.   Malaysia should strengthen and make efforts in this regard.

“The China side always feels that Malaysia’s tourism products are not  diversified, and most of products selling for more than 10 years, and there is not much innovation.”



He was pleased to see the opening of the "Encore Melaka" Opera House on July 7. The largest permanent theater in Malaysia was designed by  the chief architect of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. This performance is directed by  the world-famous 2008 Beijing Olympic Games director Ms Wang Chaoge, and it tells the story of  Malacca’s  past, present and future   and  becoming a popular new tourist destination in Malaysia.”

He believes that Malaysia should build more diverse, innovative and artistic value tourism products to successfully attract China tourists.  


Major Malaysian domestic airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia  and Malindo, Malaysian Tourism association and Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board   must cooperate in the peak and off-season to attract more Chinese tourists.

Li   said that especially in the off-season, more promotional packages should  be launched to win more China tourists.

"The shadow of Malaysia Airlines 370  and AirAsia announced the abandonment of the joint venture plan to establish a low-cost airline in Zhengzhou, China, more or less affecting the China Inbound Tourist.”

He said that the occupancy   of Malaysian Airlines to and from China is also not satisfactory.

“Aviation is one of the biggest factors in determining tourists. Therefore, Malaysian Airlines must cooperate with the industry players to formulate more promotional tourism packages to attract China tourists.”

It is not a dream for Malaysia to attract 3 million China tourists. As long as the new Malaysian government makes effective and right efforts, while  Thailang can attract 10 million China tourists every year with the active and right promotion method.  

"It will take some time for Malaysia to win more  China tourists. (TravelNews.my)


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