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Travel Agents from Southeast Asia Gave good comments on Chongqing Tourism

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Travel Agents from Southeast Asia Gave good comments on Chongqing Tourism TravelNews

TravelNews 15 November Chongqing: TravelNews has interviewed 2018 CITM Southeast Asia travel agents, who all gave good comments on Chongqing tourism and expecting more tourism promotions in their home countries.
2018 CITM Southeast Asia travel agents

Chongqing Global Travel Agents Conference 2018 was held on the south coast of Chongqing from November 9th to November 15th. The conference attracted over 20 countries and regions Travel Agents, including Singapore, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, Belarus, and over 400 global travelers.
The Conference, co-sponsored by the Chongqing Cultural Tourism Committee and the People's Government of Nanan District of Chongqing, was held on 14th. It mainly includes on-site meetings, Chongqing Inbound Travel Symposium for International Travellers, one-to-one talks between domestic and foreign travelers.
We can see that the conference brings together guests from all over the world who are very interested in Chongqing's cultures and natural landscapes.
The leaders of Nanan District of Chongqing said: "In recent years, Chongqing has actively adapted to the new situation of rapid development of global tourism, focusing on the construction of world-renowned tourist destinations, and made every effort to build an upgraded version of Chongqing's tourism development, so as to enhance the internationalization level of Chongqing's tourism industry."
To promote the level of internationalization of tourism industry, there must be a suitable entry point. The conference will focus on the theme of "inbound tourism", which will promote the construction of inland open highlands and world-renowned tourist destinations in Chongqing, and promote the faster and better development of inbound tourism in Chongqing.
Comments from 2018 Chongqing Global Travel Agents Conference  

I purposely came for the inspection of Dazu rock carvings. This is my 3rd visit to Chongqing, Chongqing tourism products is popular in Philippines, especially the Yangtze River product. Recently, Wulong has become a famous attraction. I wish to promote the Dazu plus Wulong and Hechuan tour after this trip. Products  of Dazu and Hechuan with the traditional tour of Yangtze River will make Chongqing more attractive, said Mr Ke Xianyi, Secretary of Philippines-China tourism cooperation.


Panda Travel Manila product manager Jenny Clemente: "It’s a really great experience to visit Chongqing,  Nanshan hot pot is the best. Spicy Food is my favorite, i  love it and will bring more tour groups to Chongqing".


Managing Director of Times Holiday Travel & Tours of Malaysia Mr Wong Commented: " my company  organised at least 3 big groups to Chongqing every year. I am confident that more visitors will come with the improvement of tour facilities here in CHongqing. Night  activities are briliant , especially the cruise night . "


Mr Hong from Priority Holiday  Johor Malaysia says, "Its my 1st visit to Chongqing. The food , night cruise and rock carvings deeply impressed me . I hope to brign more tourt groups  to Chongqing for further explore on the local natural landscapes and authentic cuisine."


The founder of Anthony Travel & Tours in Brunei, Mr Anthony Ling says, " 30 years ago, I   visited Chongqing the three gorges of Yangtze river. This time, I feel that Chongqing has changed greatly and beyond my imagination: Hongya Cave, the flyovers , Gourmets,  Hot Spring and Dazu rock carvings are all very attractive, and the airport is also very modern." After this trip, I will launch the Chongqing exploring  tours and and together with the three gorges tour."
The chairman of MCTA Perak Chapter, Mr Yu said, "I came to Chongqing since the 1990s, I can feel the huge changes of this city. Chongqing is now very modern. The most impressive thing is the night view of the two rivers by cruise. In the future, I will organize more groups to visit historic sites and local cuisines in Chongqing.

The executive director of MCTA Mr Sam Chia says, "This CITM FAM trip to Chongqing provided an excellent opportunity for MCTA members to revisit the key as well as some new tourism attractions. With the direct flights operated by  Malaysia Airlines and  AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Chongqing, I am very confident that Chongqing will be one of most attractive tourists destinations for the Malaysian travellers. I strongly encourage the 800 MCTA members to launch their packages to the beautiful Chongqing and the Yangtze river cruises." 

The executive director of Confidence Travel & Tours Mr Liu says, "The last time I visited Chongqing was 20 years ago for inspect of Yangtze river. My memory to Chongqing was hotpot in everywhere also the sloping hillside. After 20 years I came back to this city, I feel surprised about the changes. The airport is looking grand, the guide Mr James is professional, the Dazu rock carvings are amazeing, the night scenery of river cruise is awesome, the cuisine of the city is unforgetful, hot spring in Nanshan is feeling great. I will definitely organise more Chongqing tours when I go back to my country."


The CEO of GTC Travel & tours (M) S.B. Malaysia Dato Keith Li says, ""Chongqing is rich in natural and human resources for tourism. The hot pot in Chongqing is world well-known, the Dazu rock carvings is marvelous, the night scenery is beutiful and the facilities in Nanshan hot spring is great. Chongqing's tourism is worth recommending. Malaysia is the second largest exporter of tourists to China inSoutheast Asia, and last year over 1.2 million tourists visited China. I wish  Chongqing tourism promotion department will enchance the promotion events in Malaysia to attract more visitors."


Ilyas Bin Mahfooz from Al Aabdi Travel Dubai UAE GSA of China Eastern Airline. ChongChing is the fast growing destination and it has to much potential for tourism market from Dubai UAE and other GCC region. It has most beautiful mountain and famous spring city in China. I will organize more tourists to chongqing in the future.

Organiser : Promote   Chongqing to the Whole World

According to the conference's organiser, 400 travelers, overseas tourism agencies and senior experts from over 20 countries, including the United States, Britain, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Canada, as well as from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, were invited to participate in the conference to experience the unique charm of Chongqing on the spot. And 10 Overseas Promotion centers were set up to Promotion Chongqing as a popular tour destination. 

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