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China Focus comes back to Edinburgh Fringe

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China Focus comes back to Edinburgh Fringe TravelNews

China Focus, a collective project of excellent Chinese theatre productions, kicked off its second year edition at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Friday.
It brings five Chinese shows this year, including A life on the Silk Road, Tutu, A Chinese Bestiary, The Creation Myths of China and Painted Skin Return.
Inspired by the story of Zhang Qian being sent to the western regions and connotated in the inclusive and open Dunhuang culture, A life on the Silk Road absorbs the magical illusions of The Classic of Mountains and Seas and leads audience to discover this well-known historical figure of China through a unique, sharp and exquisite way by combining multisensual and surreal multimedia image styles and musical styles.
Painted Skin Return is an experimental cross-cultural physical theatre based on Pu Songling's Strange Tales From A Chinese Studio. Chinese opera, classical dance, modern dance, mime and other performance elements are used to present folk culture and Chinese philosophy.
The Creation Myths of China contains several classic myths that most Chinese are familiar with since very young age, such as Nvwa Patches up the Sky, Jingwei Fills up the Sea, Yu the Great Tames the Floods.
China Focus is Edinburgh Festival Fringe's celebration of excellence in Chinese theatre and dramatic production through high-quality art performances.
Officials from the Chinese embassy, Shanghai municipal government, Scottish and Edinburgh government, along with key artists from the China Focus program gathered together at the launch ceremony held in Edinburgh Friday for the celebration of leading contemporary talents from East to West.
Pan Xinchun, consul general of Chinese consulate general in Edinburgh, told the event that China Focus, which has triggered the pursuit of Chinese original works in the British cultural market, is one of the outstanding achievements of the golden era between China and Britain.
"It proves to be a dynamic strategy and platform to encourage innovation in the UK-China art industries," he said, expressing hope that the annual program will continue to grow as a mainstay of Edinburgh Fringe's Chinese cultural showcase.

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